Student Life

Discover what it’s like to be a student at Ballard Christian School.

Between the years of 1993 until my graduation in 1999, I learned many valuable lessons about having a personal relationship with and unwavering commitment to the Lord. Numerous men and women, including teachers, guest speakers for chapel, and my friends’ parents, became mentors that would forever stamp my heart with solid convictions in my spiritual walk with God.

Carolyn R.
Class of '99

Student Activities

Students at BCS are engaged in many activities throughout the school year.  Some activities include performance in choir, theater, and other fine arts.  Other activities include participation in the science fair, Olympic day, and much more.

Recreational activities throughout the year includes soccer, football, weight lifting, basketball, softball, volleyball, playground fun, and more.

Social Life

With smaller class sizes, students are able to interact with the entire student body.  Teachers and students develop a closer relationship as well.  Students are also involved in the community such as helping with fundraising events or community work day.


Parents are responsible to drop/pick up their kids.  Students with permission are allowed to drive to school.  Students riding with other students need parental permission.

The school provides transportation for field trips, athletic teams, and other school events.


There is no parking fee for eligible drivers to park their vehicle on school property during school hours.

The Campus Experience

Prospective students are welcomed to visit the school.  You may sit in on some classes, or just tour the school free of no charge.  Just contact us and we can schedule a time best for you.

Dining At School

The school allows students to bring their own lunch or buy their lunch at school.  The lunch menu is posted on Facebook weekly and generally includes a variety of options each week.


Ballard Christian School is associated with the WVCEA and WVCAT.  Team organized sports includes elementary basketball, middle school basketball, varsity basketball, and volleyball.  

Science Lab

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are accompanied with lab.  Lower level sciences also perform various lab exercises throughout the school year.  

Information Technology

Research is important in our English and Science Departments.  Whether researching using our tablets in the classroom or using the recently donated computers in the computer lab, students have access to the tools and information needed to build their researching skills.

Safety and Security

Keeping our students safe is very important to us.  We have 24/7 surveillance on our school property.  The front entrances of each building is equipped with video monitor preventing unidentified people from entering.  

Health & Wellness

Physical education is a required course for high school students.  It is also taught in elementary and middle school.  We believe it is important to stress physical activity to the students to maintain good health.

It is the desire of Ballard Christian School to develop Christian character within the hearts and actions of our students.

David Spencer, SrPrincipal